Sunday, December 20, 2009

Enjoyed an evening with friends...Merry Christmas! 12/19/09
Elder & Sister Warner, Brian & Amber, Bob & Lynnette

Our quick trip to Washington DC 11/27-29/09

Katrina, Kelsie, Christopher in front of Washington DC Temple 11/27/09
Lynnette, Katrina, Kelsie, Christopher, Bob

Kim, Katrina, Kelsie, Christopher, Brandon
Gramie and Mercedes on the Metro in Washington DC
Mercedes and Grampie on the Metro

Kim and Brandon on Metro
Kim, Brandon, Melissa, Angie, Aaron, Matthew, Katrina, Mercedes, Kelsie, Christopher in front of the Washington Monument

Angie, Mercedes, Aaron, Matthew, Melissa
Kelsie, Christopher, Katrina

Kim, Brandon

Who got caught with the cheese puffs? Kelsie!

Matthew and Grampie

Kelsie, Bob, Matthew, Lynnette and Mercedes
Almost the whole crew after a yujmmy mexican din din.
Bob, Angie, Matthew, Charlie, Laurie, Kim, Brandon, Clay, Melissa, Katrina, Lynnette, Mercedes, Aaron, Kelsie and Christopher
Bob, Brandon, Kim, Lynnette

Bob, Christopher, Kelsie, Katrina, Lynnette

Mercedes, Lynnette, Angie, Aaron, Matthew, Melissa, Bob

Colosseum in Capua, Italy
This is underneath where the gladiators and animals would wait for the games to begin.

Artifacts recovered on site now in the Gladiators Museum in Capua
Bob with his 'labor of love' for our little angles :-)
Cooking with Vera. A very delicious evening!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hitching a ride on the Cruise Ship

The seas were just gorgeous

The Theater on the Cruise Ship...lots of entertainment every night

Our new friends Carol and Karen

Formal night on the ship...

Doors of the Church of the Annunciation

Excavation under the Church

On the road by the Sea of Galilee

Peters house is under the modern building in the town of Capernum

Mosaic floors in the Temple about 20 yards from Peter's home

Yes, it means stop,but like Italy no one ever does Bananas in Capernum

On the Mount with the Sea of Galilee in the background

The river Jordan

Baptism anyone?