Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nativity Scene

Aaron, Brandon, Christopher, and Dallen email mom with your answers. :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Aunt Betty

Singing Enjoy Yourself - this song needs to be taken seriously.

Poem she wrote many years ago and is put to music...I would love to hear.

North Carolina August 2010

Kelsie's new Best Friend...Magic Eraser :-)

Enjoying a beautiful August day in North Carolina!

Kaitlyn and Alyssa decorated Grandma Nancy's birthday Cake.
Great job girls!

Happy Birthday Nancy...
Pizza, Cake, presents, family...what more do you need...

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!

London December 2010

A little outfit for Matthew and Jaydon and their daddy's

A little ride on another train...the double chin purchased in London 2 for 1.

A few photo's of the beautiful Christmas lights

Hop on Hop off tour bus

London Eye

London Tower Bridge

The double decker bus originated here in London

Able to see one of the many musicals...thinking of you Michelle.

Buckingham Palace changing of the Guard

Our ride to the of many Royal Families Coaches

Big Ben

London Tower Bridge

LTB and Bobcicle

Shopping with Mickey and Donald

One of the many frozen Guards...he looks real, huh?

King Henry 8th Armor

Hard Rock Cafe Museum

Windsor Castle

Interior Jausting Court of Windsor Castle

The Queen's apartment

The Queen's flag meaning she is in.

Harlem Globe Trotters

Definately a strength test...looks easy enough, huh?

Dad definately getting into the YMCA song during half time...
psst...don't tell him I posted this.

Just one of the many Harlem Globetrotters...
tough job, but somebody has to do it!

A few of their moves

October 2010 in Utah


So peaceful...hard not to hug him tight

"Oh NO, what will daddy say when I tell him I'm going Navy?"

Clay, Lanni, Benn, Sam

Bob and Lynnette in front of Salt Lake Temple

Our Utah friends we met in Italy where they were serving a mission. We miss you!!!
Larry, Barbara, Lynnette, Bob

Utah August 2010 for Lanni and Benn's wedding

Aunt Betty and Lynnette

Aunt Betty very pretty and patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Benn and Lanni

The most Happy Bride andGroom :-)

Camilla, Lynnette, Sara

Hawaii July/August 2010

Happy Graduation Day...Congrats Brandon!

Bowling or Baby Guess who???

Auntie Tiana

Uncle Dallen

Dallen and Tiana

Hawaian friends - Marilyn, Alan, Julia, Lynnette

Enjoying a cool and refreshing pineapple icecream at Dole
Tiana, Kim, Brandon, Lynnette, Dallen

Think Stordo's...Yummy, is your mouth watering yet?

Baby Jaydon...a little smile for grammie

Happy mommy, daddy, Jaydon - Ko'olina

Uncle Dallen and Jaydon

Big pigs, little pigs, painted pigs, plain pigs...many pigs in the sand

Jaydon's blessing