Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boat Ride and din din

We had a lovely boat ride and dinner
with the Admiral and some of his other guests.

Some of the yummy food at the seaside restaurant.

Vesuvius & Uncle Stanley

Hike up Mt. Vesuvius
Thankfully Stanley had his quadruple bypass prior...whew!!!

Below is a sign posted for those who want to litter on Mt. Vesuvius.
3-6 months for an apple core, an aluminum can 10-100 years...yikes!

Monday, August 29, 2011


First lunch at a delicious restaurant.
Then a walk on the pier, enjoying the beautiful weather in Italy.

Stanley, Bob, Lynnette, Rebers (Senior missionary couple)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Planning Paris...where do we begin???

Confession...just posting these photos makes me hungry for a
French Chicken Crepe...mmmmmmmmmmm

Great photo with the sun setting

Umm Umm...Bob and I shared...bad idea...could have eaten my own :-)
Time for dessert after din din...they opted for Hagen Daz
while I had a banana, nutella crepe...ummm
Bags of baguettes...the guy was delivering them to different locations

Sorry ladies...we wouldn't let him in to purchase anything for you.

Ouch! Anything for a buck...I mean a Euro.

Would have loved to have a dessert...but at those prices...we could only afford to look. Prices ranged from 4,50 - 6,50 Euro

Still smiling after hundreds of train rides!
Easy order McDonalds...
French fries in appropriate!
The Versaille Palace

Both were very obedient to my silly requests...

The gardens are absolutely beautiful!