Sunday, March 1, 2009

San Sosio Monastery

We attended our first Family Retreat here February 20-22. There were abut 54 in attendance including children. The Monastery is located about 1 1/2 hours north of Naples. We all had a good time despite the freezing temperatures :-) brrrrr

Well in courtyard. See the decorative stone.

Bell tower...view from our room.

Room for two.

Waiting for din din to be served...the food was delicious and there was much of it.

Bob warming up my bed for me...what a great guy!!! xoxo

Our family journey chart...oh how we missed the family...but enjoyed talking about them.

Village at the top of the hill.

View of Monastery from village.

Cemetary on way to village.

Pathway through village.

Street in village

Another pathway. These homes are occupied.


The following pictures are the beautiful, detailed mosiac patterns on some of the floors at Herculaneum. We can only imagine the time it took to set each of these little tiles 1/4"x 1/4".

This was buried under approximately 100-150 feet of mud and lava.

Some pillars they are still piecing together.

This is the first of three street levels. Notice the modern buildings in the background. Much cannot be excavated due to the surrounding buildings.

The massage table in the bath house.

Bath pool.

Notice the original charred wood beams above the stone doorway.

The paint is still fresh... :-)

The narrow road with underground sewer system.

Continued excavation under existing houses (about 40 feet above).

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