Monday, December 27, 2010

McCulloch Family Reunion July 2010 Idaho

Camilla shares pre-marital counsel with Benn and Lanni
at no charge :-)

Taking a break

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Pete

Lynnette, Ashley, Anabelle, Aunt Betty

Carole, Cathy, Nancy, Bobby

Bobby, Lynnette, Camilla, Cathy, Nancy, LaRue, Carole, Aunt Betty, Little T, Tiana

Cathy, Lynnette, Camilla, Carole, Nancy

Cousins on the stairs of the Tetonia home - Tiana, Carole, Aunt Betty, Nancy, Cathy, Lynnette, Camilla

Nancy, graffitti started at a young age..thanks for sharing :-)

Lynnette (yes, that is a towel rolled up under my shirt :-), Michelle (thank you for being my personal chauffer, Camilla

Free car wash from the sprinklers on a farm.

Dead skunk in the middle of the road...I one two it...

Michelle and Lynnette in front of the beautiful Rexburg Temple.

A little trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming - Benn, Lanni, Lynnette, Michelle, Charlie, Laurie

Aunt Betty telling us stories and singing us songs. Thank you!

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