Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip to NC April 2010

Christopher's Birthday...can you guess how many???
Kelsie and Daddy feeling a little upside down after the birthday celebration!
Kelsie, "Can you believe grampie is making me go through all this paperwork? No problem he's still my favorite!"
Kelsie, "See, grampie knows just how to be my favorite!"
Kelsie, "Do you believe me yet??? He is my favorite! Wait...is he sleeping?"
Hooray! Angie delivered a healthy little girl May 3, Melody Skye...just precious!
The BABY WHISPERER, yup Melissa has predicted the closest to delivery date and time for two pregnancies. Now if she gets Kimberly and Brandon's we will know for sure. :-) Way to go Melissa.
Grammie, proud daddy (Aaron), Melody, and Grampie
Bob and Mom 5/6/10
Gary, Jamie, Bob

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