Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anniversary trip to France

At the Louve in Paris

My dream dining room table, to fit us all!

Awe...the things you do for a Kodak moment!Sculpture of a father feeding a baby. Notice the dog licking the baby's foot...sweet.

Everything they did was BIG!

The original Flat Stanley
Mona Lisa
Awww...finally a bathtub I can stretch out in!
A cool overcast day along the Seine River

Okay...Aaron, Brandon, Christopher, and Dallen - this is a scene from a very popular movie...the first one of you to email me with the name of the movie and the character/scene will get a prize. Good luck!
In front of Notre Dame
At the top of Notre Dame
Some of the Gargoyles...scary
The view from the top of the bell tower.
The Parthenon
Standing in the middle of the street in front of the Arc de Triomphe Archetecture in the Arc
Got Stairs??? We had plenty!
The busiest, most dangerous intersection in the world seen from the top of the Arc. Video to follow.
On top of the Arc with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
Bob, the bear and the enormous Eiffel Tower
Prior to climbing the 42+/- flights of stairs.
The view from the restaurant we ate lunch in on the Eiffel Tower. The cone shape in the center of the intersection is where Bob was standing with the bear 2 pictures back.
Aaron, we talked about this picture. :-) you have been here, done that...
So we could smell fresh paint...Bob finally spotted the lucky guy. Wow...what a job!
I guess good job security.
There are two more painters in this picture...question of the day, Where do you have to go to get more paint?
So you always wanted to know what a French horse looked like??? Here he is!Taig Khris, just finished practicing to break a world record, off the Eiffel Tower. My video doesn't match the one on youtube. Check it out.Bob on a stroll along the Seine.

Yes, we ate at a 'French' Mexican restaurant...we were missing El Cerro Grande, and Macayo's
No free chips and salsa here.
Disneyland Paris
Famous Castle
The following pictures is the parade of characters, in 'fun' cars.

On a ride
It was really a 'stinky' world this day.
Boys...eat your heart out...we got to ride in the XP-41
Lynnette could only take this photo because she was winning the race :-) see video below
And the winner is....the one who is taking the picture! Beautiful at dusk!
Euro Disney Entrance, the lit rooms are part of the Hotel.
In the metro/sub/train station...don't be offended :-)

Autopia video

The busiest, most dangerous intersection in the world, seen from the top of the Arc. It is VERY similar to driving in Italy.