Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naples, Venice, Paris, Rome in 7 days...oh MY!!!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed...Victoria ready to hit the streets of Naples
First a photo with Mount Vesuvius

On boat ride to Murano Glass factory - someone told them Victoria went shoe shopping yesterday!

Master Glass maker

Making a dish

The dish ready for cooling

Making a horse

Beautiful horse ready for cooling.

Something Strange Happened Here....hmmmm

One of many gondola passageways

Gondolas waiting for hire

Yellow Ambulance boat speeding by

Market near Rialto Bridge


Victoria center waving from top of the Arch - proof she could go so high!

Ahhh...she made it down

The only bathroom found while roaming around Paris. It did cost, but was worth it....ahhh.

Some paper for sale...any guesses on which one I like :-)

Any color for any decor :-) decisions, decisions...

Eiffel Tower at night...beautiful!

How cold was it in the room in Paris???

Trevi Fountain in Rome

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