Thursday, October 6, 2011

Utah trip Oct 2011

Bob nearly missing the plane to Salt Lake City
Had to ride on the front for a short time.
Kelsie writing the alphabet with Caupa
Free ride at Sam's Club :-)

Our little photographer...Kelsie had the camera
Patiently waiting at the hair salon.
Soft shoulder to crash on
See...arms up when sleeping is a 'Vance' thing...heehee
Finally...Bob's 'death dog'
Taking time out for some R & R reading us all a story :-)
Sweet smile...worth every penny!!!

Yeah! Collin got his two front teeth in Utah!
Ahhhh...need I say more?
Assembling the stroller after the purchase.
Another soft shoulder
At the Humanitarian Center
Kelsie helping Caupa get his shoes and socks on.
Umm umm a Krispie Kreme
Sporting BYU shirts
Oops...theres a Rebel in the group

Playing in Park City with Aunt Laurie
A favorite photo

Watching Conference

Oh yes...a Big Gulp
Saw this label in the mall
Origin: Itay...made in China...funny

Schlotsky's...ummm ummm.

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