Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family arrivals

(Happy Birthday Aaron and Christopher we love you)
Jaydon finally gets to play after the long flights to Italy 4/29/11
Preparing for the PRT
Grampie has the sleeping touch!

Waiting for Dallen's arrival 5/1/11

He's here with a smile on his face...yeah!!!
Jaydon with Uncle Dallen
Jaydon loves the banana muffins
Jaydon sleeping soundly on 'Big Bluey'
Technology...can't live without it :-)
Dallen has the magically sleeping touch too.
Sweet Jaydon 9 months old
Waiting for Tiana's arrival 5/2/11
Dallen patiently awaits Tiana's arrival

Tiana arrives...with no clue of who will be greeting her in a few minutes :-)

Oh my...is it real???
A very HAPPY couple!
Getting a base access pass with FFILTB

Sometimes Taco Bell is just what you need!

Dallen and Tiana standing on the ruins preserved under the commissary
Kim and Jaydon anxiously waiting for daddy at the airport 5/3/11
Tiana and Dallen waiting for B
A very HAPPY family!!!
The next three photos of Brandon feeding Jaydon...look at Brandon's lips...he has the feeding motion down. :-)

Brandon playing with Jaydon

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