Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Birthday Tiana!
Ready for a trip to Paris 5/5/11
Paris airport...elimination of employees by ordering via computer.

Yummy real FRENCH fries :-)
On one of many train trips going to our hotel.

Made it off the train..yippee!
Thank you Tiana for introducing us to Escargo :-)

Another train ride
Arrival at Disneyland Paris

yum favorite auntie
be careful there is a baby between you!

One of many favorite rides...competition was strong...not sure if it was a good idea
for Brandon to be holding Jaydon :-)

Ahhh out of the pack.

Bob trying to choose a 'retirement' hairstyle...yiks!

Tiana's birthday din din at Planet Hollywood Disneyland Paris
Grampie and Jaydon doing what they do best...zzzzzzzzzzzz
Gramms and Jaydon ready for 'A Small World'

Brandon, Kim & Jaydon
Something was funny...

Welcome to the Eifel Tower 5/6/11
Grampie and Jaydon waiting for mommy, daddy, uncle Dallen and aunt Tiana to to up. Again another surprise awaiting the top of the Eiffel Tower for Tiana.
A favorite picture looking up at the lights of the Eiffel Tower.

At this point Brandon, Kim, Dallen and Tiana have made it down.
Congratulations on the wedding proposal Dallen and Tiana!!!
Grampie, gramms and Jaydon on a day tour while Brandon, Kim, Dallen, & Tiana are in the Louvre

Nothing like 'freedom'. Jaydon was a very good baby the whole trip, never whinning when he needed to be in the stroller or backpack.

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