Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Berlin Germany

Bike for six...wish you all were here so we could go for a spin.
Brandenberg Gate...the significance??? Look it up :-)
Limo in Brandenberg square
Could not get the girl's fanny out from behind Bob
Adlon Hotel...Room price??? 15, 000 Euro per night (we slept on the steps, all we could afford) Who did Michael Jackson introduce to the world from this hotel???
Hitler's bunker, it's still there but sealed off.
Stones in the street mark the location of the Berlin Wall.
Some of the remaining pieces of the Berlin wall.
There is a chainlink fence around it to protect it from destruction and graffitti.

Some cute little cars

It goes without saying...
Checkpoint Charlie, the photo is of a Soldier who was serving in the area at the time the wall came down.

Peddling and drinking...they do have a designated steerer. Another fun way to spend time with your friends. Seats 12...have to request MUG ROOTbeer prior.

Chocolate Parliament Building.

Below are sister churches, Parisian and German.

Library where books were burned, now a Judicial building
Monument for book burning...a room full of empty shelves that would have held all the books that were destroyed.
Mother's memorial to fallen soldiers
Catholic Cathedral in the land of Protestant Germany

Your tire is safe...not so with the bike.
The sign on the ground near the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.
This is called the field of Stelae, there are 2711 concrete blocks with varied heights.

We were reverent at the site, however we also got caught up in the 'hide n seek' moment, twice.

Interesting attire for a worker...
The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Main entrance gate
The Soviets liberated the camp at 11:07am
On the gate it reads, in German, 'Work will make you free'. Those coming here didn't realize the freedom was most always death.

Torture poles in the SS maximum security section
There were 80 solitary rooms 8x12

The cooks were permitted to share their artistic abilities, this was after Soviet takeover.

The Soviet Memorial built for communist propaganda
Original uniform
Part of extermination section, this was for firing squads
Extermination memorial for the Jews and others
Ovens used for burning bodies, 4 at a time
Cecilienhoof Palace, Potsdam
We had to pay admission and a 3 euro fee to take photos.

Star in courtyard representing Soviet Union

Room where Potsdam Conference was held

The Marble Palace

Not only did we pay admission...but we also worked for free polishing their wood floors.
In every room we were permitted to enter there was a different wood pattern. Now to decide which one Bob will lay in our living room. :-)

Chest with nearly 100 secret compartments

Back side of the Marble Palace
View from back
KGB Headquarters in Potsdam

On a Potsdam City Bus Tour
(Citysightseeing we wouldn't recommend this tour)
Love Rock Tunnel, legend has it that if you kissed someone in this tunnel and were unfaithful...it would fall down. It is rebuilt every night...:-)
Back side of King Frederick II Palace
Peek a boo
Can you find the little boy who blended in very well?
Sanssouci Park, with Palace in background

The original Brandenberg Gate in Potsdam
We found Cruella in Berlin :-)

Larry this is for you.

Looking for our retirement car...which one suits us???
Everyone would be 'green' with envy seeing us in this.

The red one would match L's pigs :-)

This one would definately need a governor on it for speed control.

The price...in Euro's
Wooden spokes on an old Mercedes