Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scotland & Ireland 2011

Edinburgh Scotland

Where JK Rowling wrote

Below the school that inspired Hogwarts

Little Scotland cottages

What is wrong with this picture?
Traffic in Scotland can be crazy too.

The bridge between old and new Edinburgh.
Sherlock Holmes restaurant

Even Scotland had the Occcupy Movement.

The sign on the door is "Wi-fi zone"

The Royal Mile street

The town cryer posts
People from all over the world come here to propose to their loved ones...actually this is the spot where the tax collectors took the locals money. Now the locals will walk by and spit upon this symbol.

Statue of John Hume, his right big toe is rubbed by passers by for good luck.

The oldest building in Edinburgh

Quotes by Scotish writers engraved in the walkway stones

A trip step...modern day burglar alarm...can you figure it out?
The retrofit plumbing on the old buildings.

The Castle of Edinburgh


The items below are all crochet or knitted
Victoria Street

Upstair 6-paned window is the back of the Elephant Bar where JK Rowlings wrote.
Streets were named by their trade...on the right Merchant Street, on the left Candlemakers Row
The front of this museum is in the shape of a huge filing cabinet with a drawer pulled out.
One of many cemetaries
To prevent grave robbery

The only pet (Bobby) with his own headstone. Just outside the cemetary.
People still leave fresh flowers.
Here is Bobby...even Bars and restaurants are named afterhim.

Yummy dinner.
Haggis, turnips and potatoes. Scotlands famous dish.
(What Bob didn't know is that he was eating the same thing disguised as a burger...heehee)
On a ghost tour of Edinburgh, the back side of a tombstone.

The front side. David Allen born 1744.

The monument to Lord Horatio Nelson, upside down telescope.

The countrys national flower, Thistle...ouch!
Where the Queen stays when visiting Scotland.
This is where the Royal Mile begins and ends at the Castle of Edinburgh.

Cute Scottish skirts...we are certain we can make for less at the Vancemart Sweatshop.

Edinburgh Castle -the end of the Royal Mile

The prison of the castle

The pet cemetary on Castle grounds.

Molly the seige cannon that shot massive stones

The castle church
For hundreds of years a cannon is shot every day at precisely 1pm to ensure
the townspeople clocks are accurate. When they hear it they look at their watches. Funny!

The factory making Tartans. Seems like there are hundreds of patterns.
The Vance Tartan pattern
Yummy Scottish was described by our tour guide as cream soda on crack.

On to Dublin Ireland
What is left of the Dublin Castle...that was burned down.

A modern addition that is not highly liked by anyone except the architect.
Beautiful garden area with fun walking stones placed.
Would love to bring the family and play a fun game of tag.
It also serves as the lighted helo landing pad for the castle.

The 1/2 penny bridge.
The builder charged a 1/2 penny for anyone who walked across (feet touched) the bridge.
Often you would see a man carrying several children a wife or both across to save money.
Thankfully Bob did not have to carry me across.

The funny story behind this plaque is definately worth looking up online.
Search - Father Pat Noise
Trinity College - the archway that is believed to be bad luck if walked under prior to graduation. Students still today walk around.
A few floor patterns in the churches

St. Patricks Cathedral

Is the organ fund in a keg???

Great story of the "Door of Reconciliation"

The teeny tiny statue (in front of the pillar) of St. Patrick in St. Patricks Cathedral
The larger statues are the ministers who lead the congregations...pretty funny

Oops...somebody wasn't paying attention when posting the service times.

Christ Church - a very sordid history also worthy of looking up online.
This petrified cat and mouse were found in the organ of Christ Church

Forgot to take a before photo of our delicious Thanksgiving meal at Hardrock in Ireland.

This sign tells it all...the party for the children starts at 8:01pm

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  1. Love all the pictures! We hope it has been an amazing stay for both of you. Happy New Years to you both and have a safe trip home! - Kelli and Steve Campbell