Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things I will miss :-(

Taking the Alibus for 3 euro to go shopping downtown Napoli.
Not only the finest toystore in the world...also the funnest toystore in the world!
Yummy London Fish and Chips

Wonderful friends...
at Filomena's Pizzaria
Touring downtown Napoli
Yummy lunch in Sorrento
The beautiful drive to Benevento and Birthday parties!!!
Thank you Gina
Hostel in Switzerland with Dora's homemade spaghetti sauce...umm umm good!!!
Listening to 'fish' stories...thanks Tish :-)
Makes me smile everytime I see it
Temple trips to Switzerland
Cozy little towns nestled up on the hills.
My weakness- shopping
Shoe Alley...Bob really didn't mind shopping :-)
Bob is such a trooper...helping sort out boots we bought today to fill requests :-)
Did I mention weakness??? Food
to name a few favorites, cannolli's, mozzarella di buffalo, pizza, bruschetta
The abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in gardens, orchards and markets
One of the many little trucks that drive around selling their goods on the streets of our town.
Fruits, veggies, soda, water, pasta, other grocery items...amazing!!!
Singing Italian Hymns
The many 30 minute drives to the Support Site to visit friends, shop and go to movies.
Never having to get out of my vehicle to pump gasoline...they do it for me.
I will miss my Agip friends in Avella who are always so kind.

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  1. YUP okay so my shoe size is 9 1/2 i could always use some cute pumps and pointed toe wow i would be in trouble if i shopped for shoes