Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I will not miss...

Stairs...stairs...and more stairs....
there is only 57 but that is enough!
Inside temps sometimes colder than outside...heehee

Road Rage and some of the drivers...
I will not miss those of you who put my life at risk.
I hope I can shake my bad neopolitan driving habits...yikes!
Making 3-6 lanes out of two or three...totally doable...only in Italy.

Here they made 7 lanes out of one...there was another lane on the left of us. And did I mention the honking??? That is absolutely if a few horns will make the traffic move any more smooth...heehee
Lugging around heavy transformers to use our electrical appliances.
November - March having to bleach the mold off the ceiling and walls of our bathroom.
Thankfully, that is the only room that gets moldy...even with the window open.

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