Sunday, July 19, 2009

29 years and counting

This morning (July 19th) Bob and I woke up to 6:30am...I told him I did not organize those for our 29th Anniversary, but it was kind of our little town to think of us and celebrate. Again this evening more fireworks will be displayed in celebration...It is great!
Bob always finds the best cards/gifts for me. He gave me a card that gave 10 reasons why being with me is better than channel I wanted to share 9 of them. :-)
10. I'm much easier on the eyes
9. I am much more fun to hold than a remote
8. When we are together it's always "prime time"
7. Bob can't hug the TV
6. Bob can't kiss the TV
5. No infomercials from me
4. I never ask him to "pay per view" (this is a good idea though then I don't have to work :-))
3. My buttons are more fun to push
2. Unlike the cable company I don't send him a monthly bill
Our anniversary dinner Bob made...yummy ribs, potato salad

Our yummy anniversary orange rolls Bob made.

It took 29 years for me to paint my fingernails red for Bob. I think I like they match my toes. :-)

Thankfully Bob still loves me even after he saw me at my VERY worst...last Sunday morning (12th) 1am-3am I was extremely ill, barfing, and the whole 9 yards Not a pretty site. He stayed with me till I was good enough to go back to bed. What a great guy!


  1. Congratulations on 29 years!!! That is fantastic! I am so sorry about the kitty but I know you tried your hardest!! Love all your pictures, you are becoming a definite world traveler, good for you!! Enjoy this site and reading up on you folks!! Keep all the great pictures and comments coming for all of us to enjoy!!

  2. Wow, what a man.... a great cook AND nurse!!! Here's to the next 29 years!!!