Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in Italy - Pisa

Entrance to the grounds, see the tower in the back? The Tower is the belfry for the Cathedral.
My strong man...:-)

I got it one problem

B & L resting after ALL those stairs. (294)

Bob on the way down...ahhhh

Don't interrupt me...I am counting the steps

Do you see how the marble steps are worn from all us visitors???

Baptistry for Cathedral

Inside baptistry, it looks small, but we are on the top level of the baptistry

The Cathedral, in the shape of a cross.

One of the many mausoleums

In front of our room. Our delicious 'bag nasty' breakfast. It really wasn't bad for being free.

On the AB (American Beach - there is actually a sign and a guard) near Livorno Italy

Still on the AB - the chairs and umbrellas can be rented for $15 a day. No one is allowed to bring their own chair and umbrella.

So sorry this did not turn out...this is one of the MANY - large sunflower fields...just beautiful

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