Friday, July 10, 2009

Story of the day 7-10-09

So...Bob and I come home after a long day and a movie (Soloist), we walk up the outside stairs to the front door and Bob spots a kitten. "It looks sick", he said, "you can see it in his eyes". I said "it looks hungry, maybe we should give him a dog biscuit". (No we do not have a dog but do give the neighbor dog 'Makia' a daily biscuit :-) Bob said, "nope you are just asking for trouble, it will stay around". I said "no no I will tell him to get better and get on his way". So...Bob goes upstairs...I toss the kitten a biscuit. I check in a couple minutes and s/he is eating it. :-) Bob comes down and says..."oh you gave it a biscuit". After about 10 minutes of us being out side looking at the poor little thing, BOB says, "well if you are going to give it a drink you might as well do it now". (Cha-ching) I said "I only have three things to offer, water, milk or soda". BOB suggested MILK...(Cha-ching) So here is the picture of our possible new outside kitten. I named him Din Din and Bob named him Taco. Just for the record, Bob is STILL allergic to cats.

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  1. Oh the poor little kitty!! But I am sure he or she enjoyed the treat you gave him and the drink!! You two are so funny!! Love the names for the cat!! Enjoy your pictures and comments that I check daily.