Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Germany and Austria

Little river at Austria/Germany border
Bob at the Austrian border

Again, these photos will not give full justice to the beauty!

Do you know the difference between a castle and a palace???

A castle is for living and fighting in and a palace is for living and entertaining in.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria's castle, he only lived in it for a little over 100 days before he was killed.
Another view of castle

The first archway onto the castle grounds

King Ludwig II's fathers castle, this is the view on the way to the Kings castle.

Church in the Meadow

All homes/shops have murals painted on them.

Our room with a view of the Alps. We stayed a the Edelweiss Hotel/Resort in Garmish Germany.

Brandon, this is what 'Real' German Chocolate Cake looks like...heehee and do you want me to tell you how delicious it was too??? mmmmmm

Castle on a hill with a little church in the valley.

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