Sunday, July 19, 2009

29 years and counting

This morning (July 19th) Bob and I woke up to 6:30am...I told him I did not organize those for our 29th Anniversary, but it was kind of our little town to think of us and celebrate. Again this evening more fireworks will be displayed in celebration...It is great!
Bob always finds the best cards/gifts for me. He gave me a card that gave 10 reasons why being with me is better than channel I wanted to share 9 of them. :-)
10. I'm much easier on the eyes
9. I am much more fun to hold than a remote
8. When we are together it's always "prime time"
7. Bob can't hug the TV
6. Bob can't kiss the TV
5. No infomercials from me
4. I never ask him to "pay per view" (this is a good idea though then I don't have to work :-))
3. My buttons are more fun to push
2. Unlike the cable company I don't send him a monthly bill
Our anniversary dinner Bob made...yummy ribs, potato salad

Our yummy anniversary orange rolls Bob made.

It took 29 years for me to paint my fingernails red for Bob. I think I like they match my toes. :-)

Thankfully Bob still loves me even after he saw me at my VERY worst...last Sunday morning (12th) 1am-3am I was extremely ill, barfing, and the whole 9 yards Not a pretty site. He stayed with me till I was good enough to go back to bed. What a great guy!

Another trip to Switzerland

Lynnette had another opportunity to go to Switzerland with a group from church. There were 52 total. We left at 9pm Sunday (12th) evening and arrived at 1pm Monday (13). We were able to go to the Bern Switzerland Temple for the week. We left Switzerland at 7:30pm Friday evening (17th) and arrived back in Naples at 1pm Saturday.

Nicolina, Lynnette and Dora in front of the Bern Switzerland Temple

Din Din/ Taco update

Sunday evening (12th) Bob and I went out to check on the kitty. S/he had moved a bit closer to the house so we went over to check her/im out. We noticed lots of flys around and something on the tummy. So we looked a bit closer and it was an open wound. We cleaned it up best we could and put her/im in the shade on a towel to rest. That night one more kitty entered kitty heaven, most likely from dehydration in addition to the wound. S/he had not eaten or drank anything since the first day. Needless to say, I did not have much contact with her/im except talking to her/im and softly rubbing it's head, but when Bob told me, it did choke me it is again right now. So we will end this story.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Story of the day 7-10-09

So...Bob and I come home after a long day and a movie (Soloist), we walk up the outside stairs to the front door and Bob spots a kitten. "It looks sick", he said, "you can see it in his eyes". I said "it looks hungry, maybe we should give him a dog biscuit". (No we do not have a dog but do give the neighbor dog 'Makia' a daily biscuit :-) Bob said, "nope you are just asking for trouble, it will stay around". I said "no no I will tell him to get better and get on his way". So...Bob goes upstairs...I toss the kitten a biscuit. I check in a couple minutes and s/he is eating it. :-) Bob comes down and says..."oh you gave it a biscuit". After about 10 minutes of us being out side looking at the poor little thing, BOB says, "well if you are going to give it a drink you might as well do it now". (Cha-ching) I said "I only have three things to offer, water, milk or soda". BOB suggested MILK...(Cha-ching) So here is the picture of our possible new outside kitten. I named him Din Din and Bob named him Taco. Just for the record, Bob is STILL allergic to cats.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What is important?

Just to clarify a few things... in the past several months we have had the wonderful opportunity to visit the beautiful scenery and historical sites that have been preserved for our viewing. Those have been great happy times.

However, as we returned home and I reviewed pictures of my sweet family, I have realized they are my true great joy and bring the most happy times. I love each of you and miss you all dearly.

Please know that we will continue to see the sights and scenery we have been given as opportunity arises.

When in Rome...

A few sites from our trip to Rome 7/4/09

Guards at the top of the stairs

View on our way to the top of the dome 550+ steps

View of St. Peters Square from the top of the dome

Narrow walking down the stairs

Beautiful marble sculptures

Bob and Lynnette

Below is a short video inside the Sistene Chapel...lesson...just because EVERYONE is 'doing it' that doesn't make it RIGHT!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in Italy - Pisa

Entrance to the grounds, see the tower in the back? The Tower is the belfry for the Cathedral.
My strong man...:-)

I got it one problem

B & L resting after ALL those stairs. (294)

Bob on the way down...ahhhh

Don't interrupt me...I am counting the steps

Do you see how the marble steps are worn from all us visitors???

Baptistry for Cathedral

Inside baptistry, it looks small, but we are on the top level of the baptistry

The Cathedral, in the shape of a cross.

One of the many mausoleums

In front of our room. Our delicious 'bag nasty' breakfast. It really wasn't bad for being free.

On the AB (American Beach - there is actually a sign and a guard) near Livorno Italy

Still on the AB - the chairs and umbrellas can be rented for $15 a day. No one is allowed to bring their own chair and umbrella.

So sorry this did not turn out...this is one of the MANY - large sunflower fields...just beautiful

Germany and Austria

Little river at Austria/Germany border
Bob at the Austrian border

Again, these photos will not give full justice to the beauty!

Do you know the difference between a castle and a palace???

A castle is for living and fighting in and a palace is for living and entertaining in.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria's castle, he only lived in it for a little over 100 days before he was killed.
Another view of castle

The first archway onto the castle grounds

King Ludwig II's fathers castle, this is the view on the way to the Kings castle.

Church in the Meadow

All homes/shops have murals painted on them.

Our room with a view of the Alps. We stayed a the Edelweiss Hotel/Resort in Garmish Germany.

Brandon, this is what 'Real' German Chocolate Cake looks like...heehee and do you want me to tell you how delicious it was too??? mmmmmm

Castle on a hill with a little church in the valley.

Our first European vacation begins

The following pictures do not give full justice to the beauty we saw!
Largest Protestant Cathedral in Switzerland
One of the many LARGE bells in the tower

Bob on his way down from the tower

View from the top of the tower

Upper front archway of the Cathedral in Bern

Beautiful Bern Switzerland

Favorite local hang out- town center Bern

Many of the people in Bern ride bicycles

Ahhhh...a familiar site

Beautiful Switzerland
One of many cities on hillsides

A home nestled on the hillside with grass around
Beautiful lake to go with the beautiful countryside, a bit too chilly to go for a dip.

Bern Switzerland Temple