Monday, August 15, 2011

Garmish Germany 8/11-14/11

A beautiful site!
On our way up to Zugspitz, the highest point in Germany.

German sausage anyone???

Brrr it was chilly!
There were sleds free for the fun.
Ummm...a German snowball tastes like a Wyoming snowball or a North Carolina is that? Oh I see it all comes from the same manufacturer.
Work, work, work...the stream in the back was beautiful!
Yummy berries!

This guy had his work cut out for him...huge lot...I really did want to offer to help out.

The horse whisperer...shhhh they might hear us.
Unfortuantely I was too far away, but the worker in the field had on the shorts with suspenders...cute.
A little parade in downtown Garmish.

The perfectly stacked wood pile...they are everywhere!

WHEEEEEEEE....we made it!!!
Our little friends who remind us how much we miss and love our grandchildren!!!

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