Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful Germany

Room with a view :-)
WEEEEE....nope that isn't us up there...maybe next time.
This guy was the cook...he really was not choking, just looking for his spray bottle...however, I prefer not to eat anything that resembles items on 'Fear Factor'

At the top of Zugspitz, highest point in Germany. The snow was refreshing!

There were sleds you could just grab and go on. Great concept, lots of fun!
Umm Umm a German snowball...guess what? It tastes like a Wyoming or North Carolina snowball. Just to answer a few of your was NOT yellow :-) and there were no tummy problems after.

Little chapel up on the hill, there was a wedding taking place in there while we were there. We waited awhile hoping to throw snowballs (instead of rice) but they took too long.

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