Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uncle Stan Pompei and Paestum

One of many castles on a hill.
On the way to Paestum
Driving...one lane into two or three...
This is a very smokey season...many little fires on the mountains burning the orchard waste.
Reason Bob likes Pompei so much :-)
Actually we have never eaten here.
Pompei Entrance 8/22/11

One of Pompei's many little dogs...his favorite spot...even has a little cement indent doggy pillow...ahhh

Paestum - 8/23/11
Temple of Athena

My favorite...the mosaics
A much needed rest...it was a scorching day!
A forum for the premilitary exercises for the youth.

A pool attached to the forum...Stanley ready to dive in :-)

Below a bowling lane
...lets not forget the bowling ball

Temple of Neptune

Temple of Hera

This is the kind of bench I want in our NC back yard.

Below you can see how they built the new road under the existing structure.

This photo is for Christopher...see even in those days they had lifts for their cars :-)

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